CHM 579 Assignment Zero!

Learning HTML

Due on Monday, January 20, 2020 at 3:29 PM

The objective of this assignment is twofold: first, to become familiar with HTML and bring you up to speed to develop webpages for the class assignments, and second, to help you design good organization of the pages for you to present your research work in a good scientific manner.

What is HTML?

HTML is the short-form for HyperText Markup Language. We encourage you to go through the history of HTML which can be found on the Wikipedia website.

Where can I learn HTML?

HTML is a very easy language to learn. The learning curve for HTML is very fast, and a beginner can do things comparable to an expert in a matter of days. As we don't require you to do fancy things with HTML, we will assume that you do not have any background in programming with HTML. Thus we list some good webdesign primers to get you started with HTML and making your first webpage for this assignment. The following are some good references but there are other very good tutorials on the internet when you google the term "HTML", so feel free to use any tutorial you feel comfortable with while learning HTML:

Do I really need to do this assignment even if I know HTML?

Yes, you do. As we have repeated a few times now that a good webpage is not the one which has fancy stuff in it, but more importantly the one which is easily readable, have good organization of the sections and a good presentation of the work done, at least for the purposes of this class. We believe that this assignment would constitute a great deal for you to think about organizing your webpages and presenting your scientific work in a better way.

"A great discovery not only constitutes great experiments but also excellent presentation of the experiments performed and the results obtained".

This assignment is worth 5 pts of your final grade.

The Assignment

This assignment is very open-ended. Please do not limit yourself to the questions asked below. Feel free to add any fun stuff (pictures, podcasts etc.) or anything else you want us to know about you. Make sub-sections for the questions asked and any other topics you want to discuss. This assignment would also give us an opportunity to get to know all of you and tailor the further assignments so that they fulfill your expectations from this class. Note that there are required elements to your page in terms of how some sections are formatted. This is done to ensure you have the tools required to complete future assignments.

Try to give us the following information in any level of detail you desire:

Please use the CHM579 webserver to post your assignment.
  1. Give a brief description of your background. Include an image of your home town or previous university to show us where you are from (the image can be anything, again - this is more to ensure you CAN post an image in HTML).

  2. Is this your first computational chemistry course? If not, what other courses you have done in the field of computational chemistry or molecular modeling, here at Purdue or elsewhere? Include relevant coursework in a table (minimum of two columns, one being the course name and the other being the year you took the course)..

  3. Why did you take this course? Give at least three (short) reasons using an 'unordered' list.

  4. What do you expect from the course in terms of the required skills you expect to learn by the time the course is over? Give at least two new skills in an ordered list, where the first item is the most important skill you wish to learn.

  5. Post your favorite science related video by embedding it through YouTube. Post your second favorite video by uploading it to the CHM579 server using HTML5.

  6. Make a Web Page!

  7. How you will be graded:

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